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Thursday, 14 September 2017

The very basic level of sports.


      As promised, we will now talk about the PSG vs Celtic match. The odds were always staked against Celtic as PSG were widely expected to win this one. PSG didn't only win but completely blew away their opponents. There were times in the match where Celtic tried to ask some questions of PSG's defence, but, the truth remains that Brendan Rogers men were thoroughly outclassed and out muscled! One could easily spot the abyss that separated Celtic and PSG. However, this should come as no real surprise because PSG 'spent their way to the top'. They recruited some of the best players in the world and such a result is easily expected to say the least.
      Players such as Edison Cavani, Kylian Mbappe and Di Maria all dazzled, but the one who really caught the eye was Neymar jnr. I don't know if it would be crazy to state that 222m for a player is a bargain but Neymar is proving so! Taking to French league 1 like a fish takes to water, Neymar replicated that form against Celtic. He scored the first goal of the game but also gave the Celtic defenders a torrid time. This even led to one of the Celtic players labelling Neymar as 'the toughest opponent in the world right now'. Neymar completely dictated the pace of the game from start to finish and was the creative bedrock for this team mates. Ronaldo and co better watch out because this Neymar led PSG has a point to prove!
Our analysis:
            PSG: 9.8
            Celtic: 3

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