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Wednesday, 20 September 2017


The very basic level of sports.

Football has graced us with some of the best athletes in the world. With the current set of players, the sport is quickly becoming the industry leader. As talented as these players are, there seems to be a problem. Most of these football players have a spoilt side; more like a kid whose candy was taken from him. We will now look at such players and the kind of antics they usually pull off. We present to you, football's bad boys;

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
He is undoutably the best in the world and one of the greatest of all time. Ronaldo is an absolutely complete player and a goal scoring machine. However, there is a side of Ronaldo that is not all too attractive; he more often than not acts like a spoilt brat! Ronaldo has been criticised severally for being too animated when fouled- most especially inside the penalty box. He is notorious for diving so as to win a penalty.

His detractors have pointed out that this is the reason why he has sored so much penalties and is the currently highest penalty scorer both in la liga and the champions league. The name 'Penaldo' was coined because of this. Ronaldo has also been spotted not celebrating when a team mate scores instead of passing to him. As good as he is, this is a side of his game that puts people off.

2. Neymar Jr.
The obvious heir apparent and leader of the post Messi and Ronaldo era. Neymar has consistently been ranked as the most skillful player in the world currently and one of the greatest Brazilians to play the game.

However, he also displays immaturity from time to time. Neymar is often accused of show boating and has incurred the wrath of his opponents several times. He seems to derive joy from humiliating his opponents- which is very unnecessary sometimes. Neymar has also shown that he has a hot temper and possesses a competitive streak.

This was highlighted very recently when he contested for the penalty taking duty with Edison Cavani. Cavani didn't agree to Neymar's request, this irked Neymar so much that he and Cavani almost came to blows and were allegedly held back by team mates.

3. Balotelli
This is a player that perhaps had the potential to reach the absolute peak of football but lack of discipline denied him of this. Mario Balotelli, though immensely talented, was a constant pain in the butt of his coaches, clubs and fans in general. On a particular occasion, he set off fireworks in his house! This is the highest definition of absurd. He also has a very hot temper and tends to commit fouls unnecessarily. Mourinho was a witness to this at Inter Milan.

There was also a time that Balotelli was sent through on goal only to do a completely useless 360-like turn when reaching the keeper, which made him miss the post entirely. Roberto Mancini substituted him almost immediately. He is now plying his trade in Nice of france.

4. Sergio Ramos
This is a player that is widely regarded as the current best defender in the world. He is the rock of both the spanish national team and Real Madrid football club. He is a trustworthy and dependable captain. However, some of his actions always leaves his good qualities in doubt. Ramos can easily be provoked on the field of play, earning himself a red card and making his team suffer. Lionel Messi is one of the players that has not only noticed this quality but has been constantly leveraging on it. It is not then surprising that in almost every El Classico, Ramos must have a red card.

It is becoming a trend even to the extent that some people bet their money on 'Ramos to get a red card'. It is that serious!
This list is entirely based on the opinion of grass sport's journalism team. Think any player is missing? Comment below!

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