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Thursday, 14 September 2017


The very basic level of sports.


Now we will be looking at the Roma vs Atletico Madrid game.
      Frankly speaking, this game failed to live up to its billing. It lacked the spark and thrills of the other matches. Atletico on a good day are up there with the best of the best in Europe but, they have been rightly accused of being too conservative at times. This was supposed to be a match to state their intent, to send a message to their group, but they failed to take advantage of it. Roma, albeit good, are not on the same level as Atletico and they were expected to lose the game. However, Atletico sat back, were happy to soak up pressure and failed to make good use of their counter attacks. This style of play can have an effect on their players. For example, Antonie Griezman does not get the same kind of buzz that Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and even Mbappe gets, this is largely due to the kind of team he finds himself. In conclusion, we at grass-sports rate that match as 'VERY BORING'
Our analysis:
       Atletico: 6
       Roma: 5

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