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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The very basic level of sports.

      Welcome to Grass root sports my friend! Today, we are going to be analysing the performances of the top teams in the UEFA champions league. The new champions league season kick-started on the 12th of September 2017, with the head-liner being the Barcelona vs Juventus match. Other matches played were; Manchester United vs Basel, PSG vs Celtic, Roma vs Atletico Madrid, etc. What we will be doing now is to analyse the performance of these clubs and give them a rating on a scale of 1-10. Here we go!
Barcelona vs juventus
Take your mind back to this same fixture in the last champions league meeting. Barcelona had just performed a magic trick against Paris saint german- with the chief magician being Neymar- which involved a come back from a 4 goal deficit. Prior to this time, no other European team had achieved this! Barcelona had just performed a miracle! Juventus on the other hand had eased past A.S Monaco in no spectacular fashion. They were widely expected to be the underdogs, but we all know how that story ended. Fast forward to this current champions league season, a considerably weaker Juve side- having lost Leonardo Bonucci to AC Milan- took on a Barca side that also lost a star man- Neymar. There was a feeling about this match due to the fact that Giorgio Chiellini was sidelined due to injury. So it was a case of a Juve side that was deprived of their star defenders and a Barca side led by Lionel Messi who was hungry to get his first ever career goal against Gigi Buffon. Honestly, the outcome was not all that surprising as Juve were thoroughly beaten, losing by 3 goals to nothing. Barca were ruthless, Messi especially, and completely battered Juve with their lightning speed attack. Suarez was a constant thorn in the defenders' flesh. Dembele also dazzled. Overall, it was a well deserved victory for Barcelona.
Our rating: Barcelona 9.5
               : Juventus 5
Thanks for reading, in our next post, we will talk about the PSG vs Celtic match. Don't forget to comment!

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