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Thursday, 14 September 2017


The very basic level of sports.



       When we all hear the name Lionel Messi, what comes to our mind is that 5ft7 dude, with the most mesmerising left foot ever seen and a host of awards and personal achievements (including 5 balon d'ors). The debate for who is the world's best player raging on in the past 11 years, this is because two footballers have 'duopolized' it. They are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. As a matter of fact, the last time any other player won it apart from them was Kaka in 2007. Since then, it has been a tug of war with Messi being narrowly on top, at least for the next few months. Messi has 5 balon d'ors while Ronaldo has 4. However, Ronaldo is widely tipped to pip Messi to this year's prize. Messi and Ronaldo continue to divide fans, coaches and fellow players alike, at the same time they continue to draw pundits from every angle for the consistency and brilliance. However, one baffling issue is that we can not say for sure who is out rightly better. Year after year they continue to set and break records while making other footballers look silly on the pitch (ask Boateng about Messi and do the same to Pique about Ronaldo). So what we at grass sports want to do now is to present a case why Messi is should be considered as the best.
       'Coaching the best player in the world is an honour for me'. This was the statement made by Sampaoli when he was newly appointed as the new coach of the Argentine national team. Messi is widely regarded by journalists, fans and players alike as not only being the current best footballer alive but being the best ever. To sum up Messi in one word for us would be 'magical'! The way Messi touches the ball is with the elegance of a ballet dancer yet with the girth of a tiger. Messi has won 5 balon d'ors, scored the most goals in a calender year (91 in 2012), scored the most goals in a champions league match (5), scored the most goals in la liga, provided the most assists in la liga, etc. To start listing all of Messi's accomplishments would be a hard task! Messi is a player that can easily adapt. In 2012, Pep Guardiola used him in the much revered 'false 9' position, and Messi excelled greatly. He was the propeller behind a Barca team under pep that is widely considered as the best in history. Messi is a proven goal scorer and assists provider haven won the European golden shoe a number of times. He is capable of winning games all by himself for barcelona, haven done this on several occasions. What is Messi's biggest attribute however is his uncanny ability to beat defenders with relative ease. Messi has a left foot that can dribble past 5 defenders at the same time! It doesn't matter the status of the defender, Messi can humiliate anyone when he pleases, just ask Sergio Ramos and Jerome Boateng! Messi also has in his possession the ability to pick out expert passess like a seasoned midfielder. This has led coaches to tweak the system so he can drop behind and dictate the pace of the game. A brilliant strategy for a player gradually leaving his prime. Messi is also sort of an introvert and a like-able fellow. He dedicates all his goals to his late grand mother.  This has drawn fans to him dearly. The only dent in his magnificent armour is the lack of a trophy with the Argentine senior team. In conclusion, Messi is truly the best (and probably) the best to ever kick a football, what a player!
What do you think, is he really the best? Share your views below.

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